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Hi, I'm

Dhruv Oberoi

Engineer, Data Scientist, Marketer

and Sentient Machine

Hey fellow sentient beings!

I am Dhruv Oberoi, a graduate of Master of Electronics Engineering, Data Scientist and Technology enthusiast. I created Sentient Machine with one simple motive: To share what's worth sharing and do what best I can. If you know who I am, you probably know what I do. If not, here's a little summary.

My education has allowed me to gain experience in MATLAB, C/C++, VHDL, LabVIEW, Altium, SolidWorks and be knowledgeable in various domains like IP networking, embedded systems, systems design, control systems, PCB design and digital signal processing.

Additionally, I produce actionable insights out of 'dirty' data and visualise them on self-serve dashboards. I have, as part of my work, gained expertise in MS Excel, Tableau, SQL, AWS, DASH and python (with Pandas for Data Science) and I can use these frameworks to produce innovative and intuitive web based applications using Django (like this website) with the help of BASH scripting on a linux/unix shell. This, I believe, makes up for a versertile and powerful toolkit.

I've spent years helping businesses with Inbound Marketing. My career path has taken me through the burrows of IT and Engineering, and I have emerged smarter and more akin to Inbound Marketing as a result. I have also been helped by HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing certification, which I recently completed.

I am passionate, driven and motivated to make a difference in the world to improve the lives of people.

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