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Hi, I'm Dhruv

I turn data into insights. I'm a growth marketer for brands and help them use advertising to increase outreach and their overall bottom lines.

In 2018 I built a tool for that uses web data to predict customer behaviour, and have never looked back. Within 2 years, I have helped 10+ clients over the world grow their businesses using strategies that just work.

I can build your marketing plans, and turn Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and your emails into massive growth tools. I use intuitive, adaptable methods to find insights that are hidden in plain sight. I want to share my learnings with you, because the best knowledge is worth sharing.

Going by the virtue of usefulness, open-souce and everything holy in between, Sentient Machine will (soon) host a repository of useful tools to find insights from 'dirty' data. It can be used for fun, frolly or something fruitful. And it's free!

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It all started here

On a wintery night in 2017, I received an email from my Professor who wanted an Electronics Engineer to work with Machine Learning. A week later, I wrote "Import pandas as pd" on a text editor for the first time and that was it, I knew what I wanted to do in my career.

In the following weeks, I used my previously acquired experience working with some of the smartest Growth Hackers in India, to build a PPC predictor. That opened the flood gates for my creativity and after winning "Best Project" and a 97% on GPA, I decided to put my knowledge to use.

And there's more...

But why read when you can ask me directly? Get in touch.

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