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What is Sentient Machine

A long time ago in a far away place, a self-taught programmer wanted to share his first 'eureka' moment with the world. But suitors were busy scrolling through cat videos and swipping through to potential partners. Years later, the success from a higher educational qualification and a well written paper promted a prudent idea and Sentient Machine was born. The aim of Sentient Machine is to share complex ideas and applications in simple, beautiful ways.

Going by the virtue of usefulness, open-souce and everything holy in between, Sentient Machine hosts a repository of machine learning projects that can be used for fun, frolly or something fruitful.

The idea stemmed from a simple thought - 'We are Sentient Machines Too' and a realisation that this is a time of gradual intellectual, genetic and cybernetic evolution, not to be confused by fear of extinction by menacing predator terminators.

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